CIRFT Activities

The centre’s first mission focuses on Jerzy Grotowski's work on the art of the actor, his research on PARA THEATRE, THEATRE OF SOURCES and OBJECTIVE DRAMA as well as on his exploration on the roots of performing arts.
The summer workshops apply these ideas to the training and craft of the actor with participants from all over the world. The centre invites artists who have worked directly with Grotowski. Teachers where and are among others Maud Robart, Jairo Cuesta, James Slowiak, Zygmunt Molik, and Katharina Seyferth.

The Centre is also open for other kinds of research or work.

Since 2005 the Centre invites young artists of theatre, music, dance, performance or clowning to present their work to the local public.

Call for Proposals !!!!

Groups or organisations can rent the facilities on a weekly or monthly basis.