Workshops 2019

THE ORGANIC ACTOR see details / close

directed by Katharina Seyferth

  • july 23 to 28
  • august 10 to 15

Katharina Seyferth


A practical exploration of body, voice and mouvement for actors, performers, acting students and individuals interested in the actor's craft.

Through a series of precisely structured elements, which demand total psychophysical engagement, participants can discover their organic energy, their personal rhythm, their memories, the flow of their inner living pulsations and their natural voice.

The workshop targets the release of physical, psychological and social conditioning, in favour of authenticity. It provides the oppurtunity to focus solely on physical and vocal activities, as a passage from habitual everyday life conduct to an individualized and creative work-proces.

The basic elements are :

  • Activating and channeling energy
  • Release of body - and voice blockades
  • Tempo - Rhythm
  • Precision and spontaneity in movement
  • Respiration
  • Vibration of the voice,
  • Elaboration of a precise stucture in an individual action.


The physical work develops :

  • Presence
  • Suppleness, lightness
  • Perception
  • Concentration / awareness
  • Inner and outer attention,
  • Consciousness of space, movement and energy

The vocal work :

  • Reinforces the respiratory muscles
  • Softens the diaphragm
  • Develops natural breathing
  • Explores the interaction between breath, voice and movement.

Photos: Maria Celeste Talliani

The individual action:

Parallel to the everyday group work the participants will have the opportunity to create a short individual action and to structure it, with the help of the workshop leader, so it can be repeated.


Project : Meetings with remarkable women
Grotowski Institute, summer 2009
Photos workshop, july 19 to 23 : Maria Celeste Talliani
Photos special day with guests and Rooms : Francesco Galli


8 h per day inside and outside / maximum 14 participants / TESTIMONIES

Katharina Seyferth

worked since 1972 in German TV and Film productions as actress.
1976 she was guest-auditor at Lee Strassberg’s Actor Studio and took actors-classes with Uta Hagen in NY at the HB-Studio. After working with Ryszard Cieslak in New York at the Manhattan Theater Project she went 1977 to the Theater Laboratory in Poland to participate in Jacek Zmyslowski’s Mountain Project. She was invited to join the Laboratory’s international group and worked as a member of the leading team in Vigil and the trans-cultural project Theater of Sources, directed by Jerzy Grotowski.

As artistic director of the association Hic et Nunc in Munich, she conceived, realized and presented different solo and group performances with texts of Gertrud Stein and Rainer Maria Rilke.

Her work as teacher took her to Switzerland, Austria, Ireland and Turkey and Poland.

In 1996 she settled down in Gascony, France where she has built up the facilities at Las Téoulères.

In 2000 the International Center for theatrical research and Training was founded. She continued her activities as a teacher and organizer of the centers activities.

Since 2005 she works regulary as teacher in the professional training for actors of the Théâtre 2 l’acte in Toulouse. She creates the solo performance of Gertrud Stein’s text “Tender Buttons” in French, which she is performing in Las Téoulères and in Toulouse. She founds the Company K. and initiates the "Promenade Théâtral".

In 2006 she takes part as actress in the production of Thomas Bernhards Dramolettes under the direction of Isabelle Luchioni.

2009 (declared by the UNESCO as year of Grotowski) she is part of the project « Meetings with remarkables women » at the Grotowski Institute in Poland. At this occasion she leads a five day workshop for a group of 17 international participants and she presents her performance « Rooms » from « Tender Buttons » by Gertrude Stein in English.

2011 she develops and presents the performance "Time Travel" at the Th√©√Ętre 2l'acte in Toulouse. Realisation with 16 students of the professional training programm "Vers un acteur pluriel"

2012 she directs a workshop in Lyon and at the festival INFANT in Novi Sad, Serbia. At the Rilke Festival in Sierre, Switzerland she presents the text "Notes on the melody of things"

In 2014 she works with the actors of the hungarian national theater in Timisoar and directs a masterclass in Kelebija, Serbia.


THE SPIRIT OF CHANT see details / close

Exploration avec Maud Robart

  • august 24 to 28
  • august 31 to september 06

Katharina Seyferth

In ancient Africa, the original nature of art was celebration of life. But what does it mean "to celebrate life"?
Maud Robart‘s research aims to realize that intimate and vital experience through the appropriate application of ritual songs and moovements from the repertoire of the afro-haitian vaudou tradition. Fully embodied, these traditional models affect the sensibility and the perceptive abilities of the participants, calling upon each person‘s spontaneity.
This kind of spontaneity has nothing theatrical about it. Rather, it requires personal engagement and feeds on the enthusiasm for life of each of us.
Such experience emerges from listening. The process is fulfilled through adaptation to others in the space and to the space itself, through attending to the melodic and rhythmical precision of the hymns and to the internal perceptions of the singer.
The dynamic tension between rule and freedom incites us, as creative beings, to abandon ourselves confidently to the living force of the songs.

Field of exploration
Based on oral transmission, this approach aims at regaining, through gentle induction, the innate unity of body-voice. The focus is on discovering the wave of the song and its internal movement.

Key elements
• Rhythmical sonorities and walking dances are the supportive elements of this practice of archaic Song and movement
• Structures of collective action in space – subject to pulsation – are introduced in order to learn to move within one and the same energy
• At the beginning of each session, a cycle of physical exercises will be suggested, as a deep invitation for the body-mind to become more available

Conditions of participation*
The exploration is open to anyone in good physical and psychological shape, able to assume the consequences of a personal gamble, and to feel the necessity of engaging, with full awareness, in a process of self-inquiry and artistic discovery.
- The number of beginners is limited to 7 - 10.
The practice’s driving principle draws together observation, listening, repetition, and personal rigour.

Participants should meet the following criteria:
• to sing in tune
• to keep repetitive rhyhmical patterns in song and gesture alive over a period of time
• to expand one‘s attention to embrace the totality of a given situation

About Maud Robart
Maud Robart was born in Haiti, where she became involved in the exploration of Afro-Haitian vaudou songs. Throughout her journey, these types of ritual songs will remain her privileged research tools.

1974-1977 She co-founds the artistic movement Saint Soleil in Haiti. This project enables her to dive into the "art brut" movement and its free unhindered expression. Moreover, this initiative provides her with the context to practically confront the questions raised in the creative tension between tradition and modernity. Together with 30 other members of that group, she participates in the Nancy World Theatre Festival.

1977-1993 She collaborates as an artistic specialist with Jerzy Grotowski (Haiti, Poland, USA and Italy), in international study programs for research and continuing education in the field of performing arts and their ritual roots.

1987-1988. For two consecutive years, she receives the French Lavoisier Grant for her practical studies in field of theatre.

Since 1994 she leads workshops and discusses her work in conferences and universities in various countries in Europe and America. The ritual songs, movements and patterns of action associated with her research are rooted in the oral tradition and stand among the most archaic forms of art. In a transdisciplinary perspective, Maud Robart transmits the principles of those primordial techniques by building a path in which the direct experience is the ground for a process of exploration, as well as the basis of a living understanding. The seeds of the past secretly germinate in the cultural era of today.
For more information about Maud Robart research, visit :

* At the end of the workshop, no one may use or transmit the methodological and technical elements of the practice.

To register contact the association FILI D'ERBA: ( Juri Barone ).


Masterclass directed by Ryszard Nieoczym

  • septembre 20 to 29

Katharina Seyferth

This project is founded on and a continuation of our previous work in Canada called Theatre Apprentice, which was an Ensemble collaboration by Actor’s Laboratorium / Toronto and le contre-courant / Quebec City. The On The River project invites actors from Canada and Europe to join for 10 to 12 days of Master Classes in Theatre & Performance. As in the past we invite performers to come with projects they want to develop, either as solo performance pieces, or develop audition texts (we will focus here on how to prepare for auditions, and self presentation), or to work on specific texts and / or songs; we invite seasoned performers as well as theatre apprentices who wish to train within an Ensemble context; all training is intense and is conducted in Ensemble context and follows the Soundings format, an in - depth exploration of body, voice, rhythms, songs and texts and scene studies. By coming to France participants are forced to leave their homes, the habits of daily life and enter into an Immersion into an intense work / play process of the performer’s craft. Major focus is on performance within the Ensemble context. Participants can work in the language of their choice. An outline of the training program and the daily work / play schedule and the fee structure is available upon request.
The Training Process: To go forward, one must first go back. Training to develop craft is the constant repetition of meeting, confronting and overcoming oneself: laziness, automatisms in actions, false reliance on habits and techniques; a return to sources. Craft is not a linear process. It is cyclic. The work/play on craft and oneself is a continual process and is never a finished product. It is not to search for perfection but for wholeness and the ability to balance the polarities and extremes uncovered within the creative act.
The Theatre & Performance Soundings project is circumscribed by the environment - in this case the rural conditions of Las Teouleres (see the physical location on the website listed below); the work /play involves creating and/or invoking the Eco-rhythm determined by the context at Las Teouleres: The Atlantic ocean: swimming, doing nothing - ; the open fields, the animals; day and night; sun and moon: all the elements of nature.

The professional experience of Mr. Nieoczym, his great intuition, his ability to uncover the depths of the human soul, which pulsates behind each human mask, allows each participant to make a significant step along their individual artistic path.

Ryszard Nieoczym is founder & co-artistic director with Dawn Obokata of LeTHAL / Le Theatre de L’Homme Actor’s Laboratorium a theatre research and performance centre Toronto Canada. He has directed over 50 professional theatre productions in Europe, Canada and the USA. He is a former student and a collaborator of Grotowski in both his theatrical and Para theatrical work. As a playwright, has written over 40 plays which have all been produced. As an actor his one man show Hasid was in repertoire for over 15 years and toured in Europe and Canada in many Festivals. His artistic vision is the creation of Imaginal Theatre rooted in mythic sources; and the focus of his work is theatre research and the deepening of the actor’s craft, which he calls Soundings. He is developing a network of artistic collaborators between Europe and Canada based on theatre research projects. Current Soundings take place in Athens Thessaloniki Iraklion Crete Berlin Graz Zagreb Novi Sad Stuttgart / Tubingen Ludwigsburg Brussel, Amsterdam Quebec City Montreal and Buck Lake.
In association with MadDam, an independent theatre group based in Athens and other independent groups in Canada and Europe, he developed a major international project entitled Ancient Mirrors /Modern Voices, a series of one woman shows based on the archetypal figures of Medusa, Kassandra, Psyche and Eros, Pandora and Pasiphae which were performed in Athens and Thessaloniki. He is currently organizing a major project in association with Compagnie Achtli in Brussel involving Canada, Europe and Mexico, with the working title "Archetypes of love lust Eros & War" a multi- lingual and multicultural performance.

For further details or inscription we invite you to contact Ryszard Nieoczym: