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The Soul of Song

July 18 - 24

July 28 - August 01

Exploration with Maud Robart

In ancient Africa, the original nature of art was celebration of life. But what does it mean "to celebrate life"?
Maud Robart‘s research aims to realize that intimate and vital experience through the appropriate application of ritual songs and moovements from the repertoire of the afro-haitian vaudou tradition. Fully embodied, these traditional models affect the sensibility and the perceptive abilities of the participants, calling upon each person‘s spontaneity.
This kind of spontaneity has nothing theatrical about it. Rather, it requires personal engagement and feeds on the enthusiasm for life of each of us.
Such experience emerges from listening. The process is fulfilled through adaptation to others in the space and to the space itself, through attending to the melodic and rhythmical precision of the hymns and to the internal perceptions of the singer.
The dynamic tension between rule and freedom incites us, as creative beings, to abandon ourselves confidently to the living force of the songs.

Field of exploration
Based on oral transmission, this approach aims at regaining, through gentle induction, the innate unity of body-voice. The focus is on discovering the wave of the song and its internal movement.

Key elements
• Rhythmical sonorities and walking dances are the supportive elements of this practice of archaic Song and movement 
• Structures of collective action in space – subject to pulsation – are introduced in order to learn to move within one and the same energy 
• At the beginning of each session, a cycle of physical exercises will be suggested, as a deep invitation for the body-mind to become more available 

Conditions of participation*
The exploration is open to anyone in good physical and psychological shape, able to assume the consequences of a personal gamble, and to feel the necessity of engaging, with full awareness, in a process of self-inquiry and artistic discovery.
- The number of beginners is limited to 7 - 10.
The practice’s driving principle draws together observation, listening, repetition, and personal rigour.

Participants should meet the following criteria:
• to sing in tune 
• to keep repetitive rhythmical patterns in song and gesture alive over a period of time 
• to expand one‘s attention to embrace the totality of a given situation 

* At the end of the workshop, no one may use or transmit the methodological and technical elements of the practice.

To register and more information contact Juri Barone at the association FILI D'ERBA with the form below.

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