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The organic Actor

with Katharina Seyferth

July 01 - 10 Kelebija, Serbi

aaugust 09 - 17

A practical exploration of body, voice and movement for actors, performers, acting students and individuals interested in the actor's craft.

The work aims to dissolve conditionings and imprints and to open up access to the essence.

The awareness of body, voice and perception enables a shift from habitual everyday behaviour to an individual and creative  work process.

Through a series of precisely structured elements, which demand total psychophysical engagement, participants can discover their organic energy, their personal rhythm, their memories, the flow of their inner living pulsations and their natural voice.

The basic elements are:

  • Activating and channeling energy
  • Release of body - and voice blockades
  • Tempo - Rhythm
  • Precision and spontaneity in movement
  • Respiration
  • Vibration of the voice,
  • Elaboration of a precise stucture in an individual action.

The physical work develops :

  • Presence
  • Suppleness, lightness
  • Perception
  • Concentration / awareness
  • Inner and outer attention,
  • Consciousness of space, movement and energy

The vocal work:

  • Reinforces the respiratory muscles 
  • Softens the diaphragm
  • Develops natural breathing
  • Explores the interaction between breath, voice and movement.

The individual action:

Parallel to the everyday group work the participants will have the opportunity to create a short individual action and to structure it, with the help of the workshop leader, so it can be repeated.


The fee for the workshop is 500 Euros.

10% reduction for students and workless.

20% reduction for people having already worked with Katharina.

Arrival on the 08. 08 early evening, departure on the 17.08 morning.

Kelebija, Serbija july 01 - 10

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"Working with Katharina led me to moments of stillness, lightness, and silence that required a sensitivity to body, breath and surroundings unlike any I had experienced before. This sensitivity coupled with joyful explosions of energy created a way of working that both pushed me beyond what I thought was physically possible and allowed me to drop deep inside an authentic inner life." 

Clare Barron/US

"Katharina Seyferth's direct connection to Jerzy Grotowski's paratheatrical research makes her a unique performer and masterteacher. Drawing from her extensive experience of Grotowski's influential approach, she guides workshop participants through rigorous physical and vocal training that includes plastic exercises, yogabased movement, and the Motions. In addition to the daily studio work, she invites participants to work outside in the beautiful natural environment of southwestern France, and takes them through unforgettable journeys into the wilderness at night." 

Virginie Magnat/France

"The workshop with Katharina Seyferth was a very intense experience for me ­ it was as if some doors opened inside me. I could give up some control and find something else, listen more to the body and the senses. Also the work outside in the forest was very freeing and gave me new possibilities and ideas ­ away from any room concept or other limitations. It was a different way of listening, perceiving, being in contact, with the space around. I don’t even have words for it, it’s something I felt inside, I experienced. Something happened, something very astonishing. This I would love to follow even more in my further theatre work."                                                                                                                                      

Cornelia Adam/Germany

"There are some people, who are special, unique and Katharina is one of them. Her way of being and guiding the work is a transparent and strong layer that goes beyond the work itself. She transforms the work into the present moment. Contradictory, the work was dated from specific periods of her experience with Grotowisk, though they were revived in the present throughout her energy. That was actually the most interesting point of all: how Katharina works within energy. Through her work one could experience energy in a concrete, practical and fundamental way and at the same time, throughout the unknown, ungraspable and astonishing. This combination of earthly and ethereal matters is what fascinates me in theatre and it was remarkable to have experienced that with her."                                                           

Fernanda Branco/Brazil

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