Las Téoulères
Ateliers de Théâtre & Résidences Artistiques

The Theatre Apprentice

September 16 - 25

with Ryszard Nieoczym

This project is founded on and a continuation of our previous work in Canada called Theatre Apprentice, which was an Ensemble collaboration by Actor’s Laboratorium / Toronto and le contre-courant / Quebec City. The On The River project invites actors from Canada and Europe to join for 10 to 12 days of Master Classes in Theatre & Performance.

As in the past we invite performers to come with projects they want to develop, either as solo performance pieces, or develop audition texts (we will focus here on how to prepare for auditions, and self presentation), or to work on specific texts and / or songs; we invite seasoned performers as well as theatre apprentices who wish to train within an Ensemble context; all training is intense and is conducted in Ensemble context and follows the Soundings format, an in - depth exploration of body, voice, rhythms, songs and texts and scene studies.

By coming to France participants are forced to leave their homes, the habits of daily life and enter into an Immersion into an intense work / play process of the performer’s craft. Major focus is on performance within the Ensemble context. Participants can work in the language of their choice. An outline of the training program and the daily work / play schedule and the fee structure is available upon request. 

The Training Process: To go forward, one must first go back. Training to develop craft is the constant repetition of meeting, confronting and overcoming oneself: laziness, automatisms in actions, false reliance on habits and techniques; a return to sources. Craft is not a linear process. It is cyclic. The work/play on craft and oneself is a continual process and is never a finished product. It is not to search for perfection but for wholeness and the ability to balance the polarities and extremes uncovered within the creative act.

The Theatre & Performance Soundings project is circumscribed by the environment - in this case the rural conditions of Las Teouleres (see the physical location on the website listed below); the work /play involves creating and/or invoking the Eco-rhythm determined by the context at Las Teouleres: The Atlantic ocean: swimming, doing nothing - ; the open fields, the animals; day and night; sun and moon: all the elements of nature.

The professional experience of Mr. Nieoczym, his great intuition, his ability to uncover the depths of the human soul, which pulsates behind each human mask, allows each participant to make a significant step along their individual artistic path.


For further details or inscription we invite you to contact Ryszard Nieoczym with the form below:

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